Why to Choose SEO as Your Career in India

Being an #SEO is a career where you can be all of the above: inventor, wizard, adventurer and a detective!

What makes SEO such a great career choice? Here are my five favorite things about being an SEO:

1. Running SEO Experiments

2. Getting Positive Results for Clients

3. Beating Your Competitors

4. Ability to Work From Anywhere

5. The Ups and Downs (Algorithm updates)

Nearly 67% of small-to-medium-business respondents cited SEO as their most in-demand marketing service for 2015(HubSpot)

Don’t let me fool you; SEO isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work! Take a wrong step and your website can get banned from the search engines. Not too many people get second chances either. SEO’s always need to be on their toes; we’re always researching the newest techniques, talking to one another and testing our new theories.

Search Engine Optimization is a job that gets a bad wrap, there is no formal education and at any moment the search engines can flip your site upside down. Even with all that said being an SEO is awesome and I continue to welcome all future challenges.


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