Perks of Having an SSl Certificate 3

Perks of Having an SSl Certificate

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Aren’t you tired of hearing the need for SSL in SEO ranking?

Let’s have a piece of cake as lucid as why do we need to have SSL certificate for the site. Keeping the SEO Part Aside, First let’s know the some Basic details about SSL

Don’t worry we are not getting into something more technically which gets your head spin

What is an SSL Certificate?

Its Function is as same As the Abbreviation which implies that the SSL Certificate enables a Secured Socket layer over your data transmission network. As simple as wrapping the gold in the Iron box to avoid theft. Yeah you got it right, the Credit Card or any other Secured/sensitive Information that needs to be processed in the site is encrypted in a unique http protocol so that only the Respective recipient can access.

Why do I need to Know about the SSL Certificate

Have you ever thought, While the world we live shrunk into your palm via Smartphone and you still don’t know how to identify whether the site you are surfing through is safe or not. One of the most shocking fact is that the average number of websites hosted is about to overweigh the average rate of world population by the next time you update the latest version of your Smartphone.

Note: Where as the number of live website are 1.8 billion and the population is 7.5 billion.

Perks of Having an SSl Certificate 4

How to find out whether a site is using SSL or not?

That’s too simple. Just checkout the url of the Webpage. It will display the padded lock symbol in the URL bar and the URL is Structured in the Format https://………. Some sites will even display the green bar over the URL. But don’t panic, since they are the extended level SSL validation.

Wanna Check?

Just Check out our Site URL.

Thank god you are on Secured Site

But can a SSL certificate be fake?

Although faking an SSL is Difficult, some masterminds generate and put them in Use online. SSL that is obtained only from the certified authority is considered trusted. That’s why even a Self signed SSL Certificate is not valid. However, nowadays recent browser versions are made with built in algorithm for detecting the common certificate issues. In addition it will display the warning message when the user attempted to visit the site. Even the browser prevent the user from proceeding the site if it catches something spammy or potential issues

Awee that’s cool IS there anything I need to do?

Of course, you have to let the browser do its duty. Just update it to the latest version and don’t use unlicensed or outdated versions. Make sure you are using the trusted Browsers.

Here are some tips how can you identify Fake or unsecured SSL

  1. Self signed SSL Certificate: padded lock will display a Alert Symbol
  2. Not verified SSL Certificate: Padded lock will display a Warning Symbol
  3. No SSL: No padded Lock symbol will be displayed in the URL Bar. And the url will be shown in http:// format

Is it safe to browse the Site not using SSL?

We can’t make sure of that but as long s the website does not breaches the trueness of the information they are providing it’s okay to just surf through them. Here i have listed out the things you must not do in a NON SSL Site

  1. Making online payment
  2. Enter your details
  3. Downloading files
  4. Clicking Spam Links
  5. Allowing popups
  6. To set cookies

How can I Trust SSL certificate?

There’s also a chance that the website owner itself steals the data and do some fraudulent matters. To avoid such unauthorized usage of your sensitive information the SSL certificate issuing authority verifies the local presence of the world wide website owners by checking their trueness with the respective government in the backend

SSL Certificate is compulsory in e-commerce websites as they need to integrate the payment gateway. The payment gateway providers made the presence of SSL certificate mandatory so that they won’t get sued for the theft of your money while you are making a purchase online. So it’s safe to browse the site using the SSL certificate

What are the Things I need to Know Being a Website Owner

Installing a SSL Certificate will not only provide the Online Social status but also it will increase the trust ability which in turn will boost SEO Ranking of your Website.

You should know the Following Matrices before Getting a SSL Certificate

  1. Type of the SSL Certificate
  2. Certificate issuing Authority Details
  3. Effects of Having a SSL which have some negative impact too

What are the Disadvantages of the SSL Certificate?

Although SSL wraps itself in a blanket of positivity, it has some Negative impacts

  1. Cost is Bit Higher yet, it’s worth the Price
  2. Being a Secured layer it utilizes the more resources than a normal site
  3. Page loading speed will get reduced, since it will take time to encrypt and decrypt the data


However the uses of SSL outweigh the negative Impacts. It is highly recommend browsing through the Secured Network. If you are a website owner, it is must to have the SSL certificate. Follow my next Blog to know how to effectively use the SSL Resource to earn Trust ability

Based on the Follower response Next Blog will cover the Following Topics

  1. What are the things I need to get an SSL?
  2. Types of SSL
  3. How does SSL Work
  4. How do implement SSL on a site
  5. Where to get SSL
  6. How can u utilize the maximum benefits of  SSL
  7. How to increase trust with SSL
  8. How to get brand identity with ss
  9. How much does a SSL cost
  10. Who will issue SSL certificate
  11. What if I misuse a SSL certificate fake
  12. Can I self sign the SSL certificate
  13. What details are included in the SSL certificate
  14. How does I know my information is secured if I made a transaction over a SSL network
  15. Can you tell me the technical details of the SSL certificate

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