Is Digital Marketing as a Career For Me

The most frequently asked question is – I’m a fresher. What to choose? – #SEO#PPC#SMM or something else. Which has more growth and gives more salary?

Let me start with why such questions are dumb, and the comments (aka answers) you get are useless

Everyone goes to school, probably studies the same syllabus, taught by the same teachers and yet all of them don’t get the same results

Everyone enrolls into the same degree doesn’t come out with same results or joins the same company and enjoys the same lifestyle

While few enjoy great success, a lot of them settle for a medium achievement, and a few fail badly

Some become the CEO or Head of marketing while a lot stuck at the executive level

It’s because no two persons are same.
Even if the study the same courses, going to the same school, and living in the same block – what they LEARN is different and is according to their capacity, perceptions, and curiosity

In the same manner, two people who graduate from same digital marketing course and choose the same disciple (let it be SEO for the sake of discussion), can feel different about the job

One might enjoy it while the other hates it

Which is better? 
All are better if you know how to excel in it

Which pays better? 
It is not the job that pays better, it is what you do that decides the pay. If you can produce results, you can grow your pay scale and your career. If not, it is not the jobs mistake. So understand it

Every domain has its own positives and negatives. Some needs technical understanding, some needs a better analytical mind, and some needs a better people skills

Remember, in digital marketing, the growth is directly proportional to your performance, and your performance is directly proportional to how much you like doing it

Choose one that suits you. Choose the one you like to do

Don’t choose a domain because ‘someone’ said the pay is good. It’s like getting a smaller/bigger shirt because it is cheap and tries to live with it

And, don’t let other people choose for you

It’s your life and live it by your terms

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