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Experimentation With Images In Social Media Marketing Are Proving To Drive Higher Web Traffic. Is It True?

Researchers have submitted facts, that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see and do. Therefore, for successful digital marketing, it is necessary for visual content such as pictures and videos, to be edited as per its requirement.

This will keep the content updated and visually appealing, which will invite more visitors and eventually raise the traffic of the site. Image search has proved to be a potential traffic source. The ongoing difficulty that bloggers face is uploading over-sized stock images on the website. The image file size is so big, that it slows down the loading process of the website’s page.

Image optimization has many benefits, which includes quicker page loading and it maximizes the user’s experience. The following methods can increase traffic on any web page:

  1. Labeling of images: Usually an image has a default name when it is uploaded in the internet. It is a time taking process to find that image again on the internet. To avoid these difficulties, Moz has created a metric which ranks the image appropriately and matches it up with the users who are looking for that particular information. So, before uploading it is advised to rename the image, as it has high chances of increasing domain authority.
  2. Optimization of alt tags: The purpose of an alt tag is to describe the contents of an image. Sometimes, due to some errors, if an image does not load, then this alt tag describes the attributes of the image and boosts the SEO efforts when a user uses the keywords.
  3. Addition of Captions: People read the captions beneath an image more than they read the article itself. Captions have the power to create an alluring persona of the image which compels the reader to come back to the post again. For increasing web traffic captions are important because for the following reasons:
  4. They give Google Image search more contexts about an image.
  5. They are the most efficient way to slip more keywords in a post.
  6. Scaling the images properly: Scaling of images enables web pages to load faster and it makes it a lot easier for Google to visit and index them. In simple words it increases the web traffic of the website.

Retouching Photos

It is evident that social media platforms have proved to be an appropriate medium for marketers to promote their products and services directly to their customers in an instant. Using filters for images, has become quite popular and with the invention of filter application in smart phones, it has become an elementary procedure for successful digital marketing. There are several pre-built filters provided by this popular platforms that will assist the content owners to edit their photos to create highest quality of pictures.

Smart phone owners can easily access this filters as the camera in these phones are already built – in with filters, which offers a decent image performance as compared to the compact digital camera.

The flexibility of using pictures for old or new stories:

Different social media channels and websites have started using these particular attributes for their visual contents such as:

  1. White Balance
  2. Colour contrast
  3. Saturation

Just a few years ago this trend can be seen garnering popularity. Now, users can adjust the exposure of any image as per their requirement, which is the most important and basic requirement of a photo. This resulted in getting better higher quality pictures of better resolution, because of achieving control over different aspects such as aperture and shutter speed. The filters allowed the mobile users to tweak and enhance the aesthetic quality of their images for the following factors:

  1. The contrast.
  2. The focus.
  3. The brightness.

These filters help the users to add a vintage look to the mode of digital camerawork that has seen popularity by orders of magnitude, since the multitasking phones were first introduced in 2007. Moreover, for professional photographers, these filters along with other post – production image enhancement features will allow them to create photos that will look more professional and will be liked by their followers on every social media account.

Important points to keep in mind while using images

The use of a dedicated smart phone to post the branded contents from their online data storage to their company account will separate any aspect of personal use of their team and therefore they can easily avoid any possibilities of communication mishaps.

However, it is preferable to log out each time and to re-launch the app while logging in with the credentials of their company, to avoid any errors. This will eliminate the possibility of posting to any wrong account accidentally as it has been reported in the past. If somebody is using an employee -shared device then it will be beneficial to avoid sharing that content on other social media platforms directly.

The real reason to mind this precaution is that sometimes people post to an incorrect social media account when they are juggling multiple accounts on different social media channels.

To conclude:

With the introduction of new features in social media platform such as direct messaging, video and animation support, it is advocated to try each of these new features, which has the probability of gaining visitation from followers and increasing traffic in websites.

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