How to Plan Your 2019 Small Business Marketing Calendar

The creation of valuable content for any business includes establishing and producing the content daily, weekly and monthly. Content marketing is a broad word for marketing strategies where you create meaningful content regularly for several channels. It will include websites, blogs, and videos based on both offline and online platforms.

We have been sharing multiple chapters in our Open Learner’s Guide to Content Marketing. If you went through the previous sections, then you know that it is the only marketing varietal which allows customization. Marketers create custom content for marketing strategies every day as per schedule.

Content Marketing Editorial Calendar: How to Get Organized

Until now, we shared how content marketing can be advantageous to your company. How you can identify the audience and create your personalized content marketing plans.

The fifth chapter will explain everything about the content marketing calendar. You will learn how it can prioritize in creating valuable content. You will also know how to create a content marketing calendar for your company.

What is the Content Calendar? Why do you need it for marketing strategies?

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Templates

A content calendar resembles a regular schedule which contains details of content topics and ideas. You will need them to create valuable content within preset time limits.

At first thought, it may seem that creating or planning a calendar is an easy task. Although, sticking to the same can be quite challenging for content marketers. Undoubtedly, it is a crucial tool, and we recommend that you use it. It will aid you in organizing your content marketing stratagems, and you must follow it regularly with perseverance and resolve.

Content calendars can help in saving your time as well as energy. Upon creating a schedule, you can organize everything when it is time to create meaningful content. It further helps in keeping track of daily content-related marketing activities, especially in those hectic workdays or months.

Above everything else, it helps in engaging the audience and visitors by omitting the issue of repetitiveness.

Then again, there are ‘x’ numbers of tools of content marketing currently available on the internet market. It can help you in creating your bespoke content calendar based on your working style and business.

Some examples are,

How to create a content marketing calendar?

Content Calendar - Editorial Planning for Content Marketing

Framing a content calendar can be relatively straightforward as long as you know what interests your audience. You should also know the types of content that you’re thinking about creating.

You will follow these primary steps to create an excellent content calendar.

Conjure content ideas that match your business niche and persona

  • What kind of questions did you have when you planned to start your business? Do you have the answers to those questions now?
  • Does your brand have an online persona?
  • What issues do your customers request you to address?
  • Do those issues frequently arrive in your industry? If so, then are you a trustworthy source of information?
  • Does your content reflect the persona of your business? If so then how?

If you require content marketing ideas then consider these:

  • Case studies
  • Success stories about products
  • Real estate buying and selling guides, travel guides, and product how-to guides
  • How-to videos or webinars with recipes or top tips, financial advice, fashion how-to, etc.
  • Weekly or daily posts based on themes based on your content team management
  • Stats, press releases, infographics related to business
  • Informative articles on customer retention, marketing, customer acquisition, etc. based on your business persona

Create the calendar at least one to three months ahead

  • Share newest information and events in a webinar, EBooks, interviews, Q&A sessions, conferences and product releases which you can schedule as soon as you ascertain a date.
  • Schedule the content for emails as well as social media as early as possible.

Examine and Debate your content with your marketing personnel before adding to the calendar

  • Is the content valuable apart from being engaging?
  • Does the content resonate with your content marketing brand profile?
  • Will your content be interesting enough to collect likes, shares, and comments on social media platforms even after the introducing of social media optimization? Would you think about sharing it yourself?

Watch out for latest news updates in your industry

  • Don’t make the mistake of considering the calendar as your ultimate strategy. Keep an eye on content analytics and your progress. Alter your current policies or remove them entirely if they aren’t working.
  • It is always worthwhile to follow the content calendar, but you can’t rely on it wholly. Make sure that you’re exploring current trends to take advantage of news, information, and stories. Adding new elements every week is imperative.
  • Never take your eyes off your business competitors because online marketing is a shape-shifter. Things can change when you least expect it to. By watching your competitors, you will gain new ideas and strategies.

To conclude

It is now safe to assume that you have an improved idea of the advantages that accompany content calendars. You also know what a schedule should include.

We wish you good luck with it, and we urge you to inform us about anything that you want to add.

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